A snowy mountain landscape at sunrise

Winter Wellbeing: Short Films to Reset & Recharge

Go full ‘Wintering’ mode and seek out the things that recharge you, fill up your cup and soothe your soul. Here are three short films to get you going this Winter Wellbeing season. 

Chasing Light

Roam somewhere wild to catch an early, epic winter sunset or late sunrise and enjoy quiet moments basking in the soft light.


Or if you're close to the Arctic Circle then ‘chasing light’ has a very literal meaning when sunrise lasts 5 hours. Check out ‘Polar Light’ below.

Blue Therapy

Dunk yourself in some cold blue for an instant full body and mind reset. Especially effective if you're spending it in and out of the surf. 

Watch ‘Mr. Kookbox’ for a look at Nole Cossart's experimental journey into 1930s surfboard building.

Move Your Body

Movements, however small, warm up your body and release happy hormones that’ll see you through the coldest and darkest of winter days. 

Sarah’s bikepacking story will have a similar effect, as her video ‘Choosing To Live’ takes you from sadness and loss to an epic celebration of life. 

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