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Festival Setlist: Passenger Packlist & Giveaways

Leave the tent, follow the crowds, make friends, see bands, sip beers, sit back and slow it down.

The needle has dropped on festival season, cracklin’ into life with a promise of good times and hazy days spent under the sun. We’ll be peggin’ down canvas and creating an epic space to meet fellow roamers at a few awesome events this summer. So, nab a beer from the pop-up bar, listen in and rummage around our seasonal gear. 

To stay on track, we’ve curated a loose setlist to cover the who, the where, the when, and the what not to miss. For a live re-work of festival news and the chance to pocket some free tickets, head over to our Instagram.

Let’s hit it.

Timber Festival

Feanedock, The National Forest, UK

5th - 7th July 2024

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Photo provided by @timberfestival

Passenger are pitchin’ up by Timber’s ‘Fire in Your Belly’ stage, with two acoustic sets planned in across the Friday and Saturday nights. Look out for our Roamers Retreat and fully stocked bar in collab with friends at The Rum Life, closing out with a Sunday evening talk by adventurer and ‘Made To Roam’ ambassador Lise Wortley.

Passenger Packlist

Think sunset, fireside hangs with a cold brew in hand…

Love Trails Festival

The Gower Peninsula, South Wales, UK
11th - 14th July 2024

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Photo provided by @lovetrailsfestival

The team are putting roots down by the Campfire Stage with a pop-up shop, bookable patching workshops and a live ‘Around the Fire’ with ambassador and guest speaker, Lise Wortley. We’re sponsoring the space all weekend, so keep a close eye on Insta for updates or stroll up for a change of pace away from the trails.

Passenger Packlist

It’s non-stop, full hammer and tongs, run like the wind time…

Big Feastival

Alex James’ Farm, The Cotswolds, UK
23rd - 25th August 2024

A big festival crowd
Photo provided by @thebigfeastival

The ‘Made To Roam’ crew will be settling in amongst The Smokery, an awesome little area with plenty to see, eat and do. Expect outdoor cooking, demos, workshops, and a fully stocked Passenger pop-up.

Passenger Packlist

In case of a hotdog 'n' mustard emergency, pack a few spare tees…

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A lineup of indie classics, headline anthems and secret sets wrapped up in string lights.

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