A group of friends hang around a campfire outside a cabin in the woods

At the Cabin: The Story Behind our Autumn Winter Collection

“The cabin symbolises a way of life that is simple, thoughtful and slow, a retreat from the busy modern world.”

Drawn in at the end of the day by the warmth of a crackling fire and a familiar fleecy blanket, the cabin symbolises a way of life that is simple, thoughtful and slow. A retreat from the busy modern world. 

A woman and a man lean against the side of a cabin and enjoy looking at the trees and sky

We'll always love kicking back, recharging in nature, and taking it easy. Getting out there to a cabin is one the best ways we can nail that feeling and is the inspiration behind our autumn and winter collections this year.

Practical and versatile gear, perfect for when you just need to escape.

A woman and a man head out into the woods wearing outdoor gear

What's In A Cabin?

We caught up with Katie and Hannah in our product design team, to chat about the new collections and where they drew inspiration from.

Katie sums up why we're talking about cabins in the first place: “The cabin is our go-to when night creeps in. Think snug rugs, comfy blankets, and a toasty fireplace.”

A man and a woman sit on the deck of the cabin overlooking the lake

"It's a place of warmth, comfort, and safety, decked out in 'cabincore' checks, autumnal threads, and soothing ombre shades."

Katie, Womenswear Designer

Playing With Colour

“You'll always find playful colour in our gear, whether that's blocks of glazed ginger or more subtle pops of ocean blue on zips and pockets”, adds Hannah.

“It's what makes something ‘Passenger’ and our new collection is no different.”

A man inspects the leaves of a tree for their colour

“When it comes to colours, we're taking our cues from the warm, dreamy shades that paint the sky at sundown, appreciating the beauty in everyday simplicity."

Katie, Womenswear Designer

Two women huddle under a blanket and enjoy breakfast on the decking of their cabin

Pattern Stories

“Our patterns are channelling Nordic folklore, bringing back those vintage quilts, your most-loved sweater, and your trusty beanie.”

Hannah, Menswear Designer

A woman sees to the fire in a cabin
A group of friends walk through the forest

Materials That Don't Cost The Earth

Everything we do comes back to taking care of our playground and that means we are committed to creating clothes that are not only made to roam, but made responsibly too.

A man on a canoe in the middle of a lake at Mt Hood National Forest

Our clothes, including all outerwear, fleece and trousers, are made with responsibly sourced materials like organic and recycled cotton, and recycled polyester. 

A woman wearing a white and blue stripe jumper standing in front of a lake
A man looks down to a dog as he carries some logs into the cabin

“The knitwear in our new collection is made with a majority blend of recycled polyester or organic cotton."

Katie, Womenswear Designer

Escape In Comfort

Getting back to the cozy side of cabin life, we've designed our new collection with comfort in mind.

A woman fishes off the jetty at the cabin by the lake

Katie adds, "We’ve included looser, dropped and scooped hemlines in our collection to make for more relaxed and comfortable fits. 

"Everything has to suit everyday wear and we design with different activities in mind, from short woodland walks to lounging about a cabin.” 

Two women walk out into the woods wearing winter clothes
Someone wearing cosy slippers puts their feet up on the window sill

So, when you check out Passenger’s outdoor clothing range for this new season, remember it's more than just clothes. It's about embracing the good vibes of nature, hunkering down by a crackling fire in a cabin in the woods, and enjoying life's simple pleasures at a slower pace. 

A woman walks across a balanced log in the forest
A woman holds up a fern leaf to show the camera
A group of friends enjoy coffee on the decking of their cabin in the woods

Looking for tunes to accompany your cabin escape? Check out our Cabin Fever Spotify playlist, curated by Matt in the Passenger crew. 

We'll let him introduce it…

“The playlist opens up with big cinematic tracks made for the wide-open road as you cruise with friends to that secret spot deep in the redwood forests.

“You arrive at the cabin, and the energy is all about good vibe tracks that start the backyard party, crack open the 40oz tall-boys and start the BBQ. The playlist finishes with classic crafted folk vibes, fireside chill, blankets and popping embers, songs made for stories to be told.” 

Two men walk out onto the jetty of their cabin overlooking the lake
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