Shirts Five Years In the Making

These shirts took us over five years to make.

That’s a long time. But a good shirt is way more than just that. The best ones lie at the core of the experiences that matter. We’ve always wanted to make a shirt that met that criteria every single time. Turns out, that’s no easy feat.

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But we think we’ve done it. Our latest shirts incorporate years of informal research — hundreds of dawn patrols, countless misadventures, and thousands (probably) of chilly brews around campfires. When our staff first slipped’em on, we had a hard time getting them back (a clear sign that we’d made something good happen).

Shirt Focus | men's

In terms of selection, we’ve kept it simple. Our flannel shirts are made using a premium Portuguese cotton — Super soft but at the same time super strong and durable. Our cotton twill styles are like your grandad’s old dopp kit, these beauties hold up and get better the more you use’em. Featuring A heavier 100% Cotton twill designed with Adventures in mind.

Shirt Focus | men's

As for the fit, we’ve tailored these to be as versatile as possible. We tend to roam everywhere, so we’ve crafted shirts that are built for the journey and to withstand pretty much anything you throw at them.

Explore the range and find you new travel companion, get out there, and give those threads a few stories to tell.

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