A Blanket Made For Roaming

Introducing the Passenger X Rumpl collab

We’re pleased to announce our collaboration with Rumpl When the opportunity came up to make a product with our pals at Rumpl we jumped at the chance, we've been using these blankets for a while now and absolutely love 'em as part of our collaboration. we’ve designed the print , inspired by our love for Waves & Trees. The print takes inspiration from these elements we often find ourselves exploring and the design gives it a North American design feel.
Utilizing a weather-resistant 20d ripstop nylon shell with dwr treatment, the blanket resists water, dirt, odor, pet hair, and other debris. the puffy fits easily in an included stuff sack for quick storage or taking on the go. it’s the go to accessory for keeping warm this winter, whether heading out or staying, it’s the perfect travel companion and everything in between

It’s the go to accessory for keeping warm this winter, whether heading out or staying put and it’s the perfect van life companion and everything in.

As spring rolled around, the van still had plenty of work to be done. But with the warmer temperatures and the roadie knocking at the door, our productivity skyrocketed. The bed frame was assembled, we finished laying the floor, built some storage boxes, and mounted some 1970’s pivoting captain’s chairs that were fresh out the box. As Lova put together the final interior touches it was time to move in – ohhhhh lordy, a full house squished into a van. We ditched everything bar the essentials: books, guitar, summer clothes, and hiking, camping and camera gear. We donated everything else – anything we couldn’t shove away in a tight space. Then, with a little persuasion, we gently closed the doors and cracked ourselves a beer. We had somehow managed to create a functional rolling home for the next six months.

Passenger x Rumpl Collab
Passenger x Rumpl Collab
Rumpl x Passenger Adrift Throw | product spec
Rumpl x Passenger Adrift Throw